NRS Healthcare L61554 Combi-Reacher 81 cm (32 inches) Reaching Aid

About the Product
  • NRS L61554 Versatile reacher for picking up objects without bending or straining, around the home, in the garden or when out and about
  • Pick up post, papers, keys, remote control, litter, leaves-extremely versatile
  • Easy to use with a large, easy-grip trigger handle that operates the grabber
  • Grabber rotates to avoid twisting the wrist
  • Features shoehorn, magnetic end and lightweight aluminium and plastic construction
  • Ideal for the first 6 months or so of scoliosis surgery recovery when you will be unable to bend/twist


Product Description

This versatile reaching aid from Nottingham Rehab Supplies is designed for picking up small or lightweight objects around the home, in the garden, or when you’re out and about. It’s really useful for a person who has difficulty or finds it uncomfortable to bend or stretch when reaching. It’s therefore suitable for a variety of people, including those who use a wheelchair or who have mobility difficulties, and those who suffer from back or hip pain.

The Combi-Reacher can be used to pick up a wide variety of everyday objects and is great for litter picking! It can also be used to help with dressing, for example putting on socks, if you can’t reach your feet. You can use the Combi-Reacher to close the curtains, pick up the post or newspaper, reach for the TV remote – the list is endless!

The Combi-Reacher features a long, aluminium shaft with a trigger-like handle at one end and a ‘grabber’ at the other end. The handle and ‘grabber’ parts are made of light grey plastic, and the trigger is light blue. To pick something up, all that is required is to hold the handle with fingers gently placed round the trigger, reach up or across to the item easily without straining, squeeze the trigger to open the grabber jaws, then release trigger to close jaws around the object.

The Combi-Reacher has an ergonomically designed handle which enables all four fingers to be placed on the trigger which makes it suitable for a person with limited grip strength as they can use a fist grip. The reacher contains minimal dirt traps and so is easy to keep clean.

The grabber rotates 360° so there is no need for the person using it to twist their wrist into an uncomfortable angle. It also has rubber lined jaws which provide extra grip when lifting a more slippery object up. There is a magnet on the end of the top jaw which means you can pick up small metal items such as pins, needles or keys. It is also easy to pick and scoop up papers.

The Combi-Reacher also features an integral shoe horn, so there is no need to buy another device to help with this! There is a plastic clip on the aluminium shaft for storing the reacher on a walking frame.

This Combi-Reacher measures 813mm (32″) in length, and weighs only 180g (6oz).
A shorter Combi-Reacher is also available (sold separately) – please see NRS Combi-Reacher – 66cm (26”) Length. Special Advisory Note: When choosing which length of Combi-Reacher to purchase, please consider which length will be more suitable for you, and the way you plan to use the grabber. This Combi-Reacher is available in 26” (66cm) length or a longer 32” (81cm) length to suit a variety of tasks and users, depending on the users’ requirements.

If you have difficulty bending and reaching, you may find some of our other items useful, please see: NRS Home Easy Remote Control Sockets; NRS Home Easy Remote Control Socket & Keyfob Transmitter; NRS Long Handled Lever Window Opener; NRS Long Handled Bath Sponge; NRS Stand Up Long Handled Dustpan & Brush.

Measures: Length: 81 cm (32”). Width: 13cm (5”). Depth: 4cm (1.75”).

Box Contains

  • 1 x Combi-Reacher supplied in poly bag


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