Scoliosis Surgery – The Truth

The truth is there is sooo much rubbish and so many horror stories on the Internet about scoliosis surgery, it’s enough to put anyone off having the surgery.

I know because I believed a lot of it myself when I first got diagnosed with scoliosis and was researching the surgery. I was truly horrified and worked myself into a right state after reading certain statistics.

I just need to say this….please be very cautious about what you believe online about scoliosis surgery.

I’m not ‘pro’ surgery just because I’ve had it, it’s a huge surgery and the decision to have the surgery should never be made lightly.

However, there are some websites out there promoting alternative treatments that purposely try to scare people off the surgery rather than concentrating on producing proof that their advertised “alternative treatment” actually works. It’s just completely unethical. These websites often use out of date statistics that are just not relevant.

They also base alot of their ‘research’ and statistics on patients that have had scoliosis surgery using Harrington Rods. These rods are no longer used and so the statistics do not apply to anyone having the surgery now, which alot of these websites and articles fail to mention, surprise surprise.

I’m saying this because it makes me SO ANGRY and preys on vulnerable people. If you have fears about the surgery, please speak to your consultant, please do not believe out of date information and incorrect statistics on the Internet.

There’s a great blog here which I recommend you read if you are facing the surgery:…mongering.html

It basically states the many incorrect facts that are often used on these scaremongering websites and articles and states the truth in response.

Hope this helps someone.

Louise x

Scoliosis Exercises Gym Ball

Physio this week – Scoliosis Gym Ball Exercises

Scoliosis Gym Ball Exercises – Post Surgery 

This week I saw my physio and she gave me some gym ball exercises.
I bought a gym ball a few weeks ago as I’ve been getting a lot of lower back pain after walking or sitting and my lower back generally feels very weak. 

I think because I have three discs that aren’t fused at the bottom of my spine they’re really feeling the pressure!! 

I feel a bit sorry for them actually, suddenly having to do all the work…

My physio thinks that doing the simple exercises she has given me on a gym  ball will really help to strengthen my ‘core muscles,’ which will help support my lower back and help my pain. 

A six pack would also be a nice benefit 🙂

If anyone is interested, some of the gym ball exercises I have been given are:

    • Just sitting on the gym ball and maintaining good posture – this sounds simple but your core muscles have to work really hard just to keep your balance!
    • You can do this whilst watching TV, or even sit on the gym ball instead of a chair when you’re at your computer – even half an hour a day sitting on it can make a huge difference
    • Sitting on the gym ball and raising one leg outwards and replacing – this is incredibly difficult for me and I can hardly balance! Just shows how weak my muscles are really…:/
    • Sitting on the gym ball and raising one knee up and replacing.
    • Sitting on the gym ball and lifting one arm above my head.
    • Standing, holding the gym ball in front on me and lifting the gym ball above my head, without arching my back.

These exercises may sound incredibly simple but they are quite difficult for me, which just shows how weak my core muscles really are!

Remember, you should always check with your physio/doctor before attempting new exercises when you have a spinal fusion.  The gym ball I bought for example, came with a DVD but the exercises on it are way too advanced for me so you have to be careful!! I’ve also noticed there are a lot of gym ball exercises available online but there’s no way I could do them just yet.

Also, I’m just over a year post scoliosis surgery now so I’m ok now to do these type of exercises. You should check with your surgeon if you are under a year post op before you attempt any new exercises.  

How to choose the right size gym ball…

It’s important that you have the correct size gym ball for your height. When sitting on the gym ball your legs should be parallel to the floor.

Many are 65cm but my physio advised me that a 55cm one would be more suitable for my height (5ft 5).

Apparently, if you have the wrong size your muscles may not benefit the same, as you’ll be sat in the wrong position – so bear this in mind!  

Generally speaking: If you are 5ft 5 or under – 55cm gym ball. If you are over 5ft 5 – 65cm ball.If you are over 6ft – 75cm.

However this is just a guide – it’s better to get a bigger size and not inflate it fully than getting one that’s too small.

Where to buy a Gym Ball…

Amazon have a great selection of gym balls. Many come with a DVD but I wouldn’t attempt any of the exercises on the DVD unless you are at least a year post op and feel comfortable with them.

If it hurts – don’t do it!

I would highly recommend anyone suffering with scoliosis and/or low back pain to try using a gym ball – it’s a great and low impact way to strengthen those core muscles!